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Orangeburg resident and self proclaimed Tea Party Republican Bill Connor joins this “Profiles” series as he officially announced his campaign for the 2014 GOP Senate nomination.  Connor does not currently hold public office but has served our nation as an officer for the US Army for 23 years.  He is the former GOP Chairman for South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District, serves as Chairman of Orangeburg Christian Academy, and has authored a book.  Connor has a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina and is a practicing partner at Horger and Conner, LLC.

On the issue of Syria, Connor agrees that Bashir Assad should be replaced.  That being said, he notes that “the groups facing Assad are primarily Islamist and might be an even worse replacement.”  Connor believes that his extensive experience overseas in Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, and Afghanistan enable him to offer a unique perspective on these types of international debate.  “At this point, we must be clear that we will not support the rise of power of any Islamist groups who will oppose our interests and values.”

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